Manuals are placed at the end of this page
Random number seed problem In some recent operating systems, the random number seed could become the same for different jobs. To avoid a such case, please update cmkSeed.f in Cosmos/Manager. See Cosmos source code page.

From Epics9.20 (Oct. 2016)
(with Cosmos8.00 or later), Epics complies with the standard Fortran Grammer and it can be compiled by GNU Gfortran.

  • Epics9.311
    Epics9.311.tar.gz (217114507 B; Mar.01 2021). Two table for dpmjet3, SiO2.GLB and SiO2.inp were updatedd (A 29 -->28) Output format for the trace data is updated to keep 15 digit accuracy.

  • Epics9.31
    Epics9.31.tar.gz (238409678 B; Dec.15 2020). If the user is using a shape "sqtccl", better to use this version; error due to this shape (which happens more frequently for heavy ion incident case) will be diminished.

  • Epics9.30
    Epics9.30.tar.gz (202575416 B; May.04 2020). A data for Alumina + SiO2 is added forElsepa based multiple Coulomb scattering. Standard Air composition is bit changed (Ar 0.5 %-->1%) Some update of the direct pair creation is included. (though new feature is not tested yet fully).
  • Epics9.28
    Epics9.28.tar.gz (174591301 B; Nov. 25 2019). The process of the direct pair (DP) creation of e- + e+ was implemented. This may be used when high energy (>> 100 GeV/n hadron(p, He, C...) hit a detector containing heavy materials). You can control it by using 3 parameters in epicsfile:
    DirecPair (T or F); default T is to include the procces.
    BareTaget (F or T): default F is to regard the target be neutral (i.e, surrounded by electrons) else target is fully ionized.
    AdjFac: 1.0. Default 1 means if the DP effect is <1% of the usual ionization (knock-on) process (2Z^2MeV/(g/cm2), the DP process is not considered. If AdjFac is not 1, percentage of AdJFac*1 is employed.

    The process name of DP inside Epics is "dpair". (Move%proc contians "dpair" when DP happens).

  • Epics9.27
    Epics9.27.tar.gz (198250605 B; Jun. 16 2019). Some of recent Gfortran on some Linux platforms go into a segmentation fault in epRd1dTbl of eprdSmpTbl.f. This was corrected.

  • Epics9.26
    Epics9.26.tar.gz (222798266 B; Feb. 2 2019). Though, the release of the v9.26 was announced more than month ago, it could not run correctly (stoped soon; when Eg is very close to the threshold (~1.022 MeV), the probabilty of pair creation / r.l becomes very small (< 10^-8) and interplation doesn't work correctly (resulting in a negative value). So the next part was revised and new one was released without changing the version number.

    In the photon pair creation cross-section treatment in the partial screening region, a bug was found; there is small gap in the x-section between the partial and complete screening regions, but it is very samll (< 1 %). However, the gap was enlarged depending on the situation due to the bug.
    Although the bug is expected not to give a visible effect in many applications but in some cases where the pair creation probablity of gamma rays of energy <100GeV in some limitted detector regions is important, we may need to consider its effect.
    One example of wrong pair creation probabilty effect is shown in this PairXsecGap.pdf

    For the bug correction, only one subroutine may be updated. But in this version we added a table based on Tsai's pair creation formula in the partial screening region. The default table is Nelson's one as in the old version. To switch to Tsai's one , we may do as follows
    (1) Go to Epics/Data/
    (2) rm Media
    (3) ln -s MediaTsai Media
    No recompilation is needed.
    The other choice of the pair creation cross-section is to use Xcom data. This can be done by editting "epicsfile" in your application and give a value of 50~100 (GeV) to Excom2. The difference among the three cross-section is amsll (but visible at Eg ~10 MeV region. This would not lead to visible difference in the results of many applicatioos. Which one is the best is not clear.

  • Epics9.25
    Epics9.25.tar.gz (218156246 B; Dec. 7 2018). Oct.17 version lost by mistake. but this should be the same
    Almost no change from v9.24.
    Now the user can give "special" in XsecModel in param, so that the user can give arbitray hadronic x-section values different from the currently active hadronic event generator.
    See Epics/UserHook/UseXsecModel (or Cosmos/UserHook/UseXsecModel)

  • Epics9.24
    Epics9.24.tar.gz(204059679 B; Apr. 27 2018).
    Almost no change from v9.23. Some change in brems angle treatment but no diff. seen. Some update for future. One UserHook/BackSC is added to check back scattering problems. In which epbacksc.f is put. This should be usable even with (relatively recent) older verisons of EPICS. (This is a short manual for epbacksc.f)

  • Epics9.23
    Epics9.23.tar.gz(176114892 B; Nov.2017).
    For most of detector simulations, no change from v9.22. If long scale (>>100m) with low desnsity material is used, better to use this version.

  • Epics9.22
    Epics9.22.tar.gz(176272335 B; Mar.2017).
    Some update for using Elsepa based multiple Coulomb scattering. You need Cosmos8.02
    See for the update: UsingEl_hin.pdf.
  • Epics9.21
    Epics9.21.tar.gz(122688852 B; Feb.2017).
    From this version,the Elsepa based hinge method for multiple Coulomb scattering is officially supported.
    You need Cosmos8.01
    For the method, see MCS_Eng.pdf
    and for the usage, see UsingEl_hin.pdf

  • Epics9.20
    Epics9.20.tar.gz (97660165 B)
    This version should be used with Cosmos8.00. From this version, Epics follows the formal Fortran grammar and can be compiled by GNU gfortran too. If you have your own application programs in the style accepted so far, they must be modified to comply with the standard formal Fortran grammar as noted in Cosmos8.00 page. This version includes a bug fix which may happen when some components have explicit rotation and a neutral hadron passes such component and makes multi-particle production in a non-rotated component; this results in the error as if we had very large Pt particle produciton.
    See also, Epics9.20.pdf. This version also includes updated use of the "FreeC" parameter (V1ry.pdf), which can be used to constrain the first interaction point and interaction type.
  • Epics9.167 (Feb. 06, 2015)
    Epics9.167.tar.gz (48054842 B)
    It's found that octagon_y cannot be displayed correctly when intel fortran optimization level is -O2 or -O3. So for the compilation by intel fortran, optimization for octagon was made to be -O1 (-O0 is also ok).
    All cmplx(x,y) have been replaced by cmplx(x,y,8), though except for ciecone case as described in 9.166, no harmul effect has been found.

  • Epics9.166 (Jan. 27, 2015)
    Epics9.166.tar.gz (47580197 B)
    The difference from v9.165 is that all correction shown by Note in the 9.165 part are included.

  • Epics9.165 (Jul. 5, 2014)
    Epics9.165.tar.gz (47745377 B)
    This icludes update for the photon LPM effect treatment as mentioned above, and related utility routines (in Epics/Util/Elemag/BremPair) such as for creating the sampling table of a new material.
    Note For high energy photons (>4TeV or so) with the LPM effect T (defautl), the energy sampling at the pair creation fails with the prob. of ~ 1/(2x10^5) and this leads to failire of particle tracking (and execution stops). This fix should be applied to all versions 8.80 to 9.165.
    To fix the buge, replace Epics/prog/Elemag/epPrHSamp.f by epPrHSamp.f
    Note Two subcommands (fordpmjetGLB and fordpmjetINP) of fordpmjet command which is used to create dpmjet.GLB and dpmjet.inp files, which in turn, are used by the dpmjet interaction model, may fail in some rare cases. The two commands are in Epics/Scrpt/ and must be replaced by bug fixed fordpmjetGLB and fordpmjetINP. The bug shows it's nose when a negative number must be judged whether it is a number of not.

    Note If you use volume-shape (object) ciecone it is better to replace a subroutine
    ep_ciecone.f in Epics/prog/NewVol/ directory by this one .
    The reason is that complex variables used there have single precision accuracy. This could lead to boundary search error so the new one uses double precision accuracy.

    For versions from 9.15 to 9.164. The LPM effect for the photon is not properly treated (earlier versions are OK). To include the LPM effect for photons with energy > 4TeV in heavy material such as W, Pb etc To_be_put_inside_Media.tar.gz(7392530 B) must be expanded in Epics/Data/Media (Go to there, and use the "tar" command as "tar xvfz path_to_this_file", where path_to_this_file is ~/To_be_put_inside_Media.tar.gz, if you place the file in your home.
    Visible effects may be expected if incident photon energy is much higher than 5 TeV and heavy targets are involved. For hadron incident case, fluctuation is large so that we expect such energy scale would be > 100 TeV/n. In versions > 9.164, update has been included.

  • Epics9.164 (Jun. 26, 2014)

    Epics9.164.tar.gz (56354279 B)
    In this update, there is nothing which may affect the simulation result for existing applications. Updated points are 1) the user can use any volume-shape (such as box fpolygon etc) as a world with _w. Then, an implicit world so far may be specified as an explicit world with _w. 2) the max name length of a volume-shape is now 16 (old one 12) so as to be compatible with e.g, honeycomb_yz_w. 3) With implicit worlds we cannot deal with correct sub-detector hirerarchy information. So if we need correct sub-detector hierarchy information, we have to use explicit world. Now it is possible. 4) So far, no method has been supplied from Epics for knowing the component number of a particular object, e.g N-th SciFi at L-th layer. Now such a method is available, and it uses sub-detector hierarchical information. Also a utiltiy command (tree2index) is introduced. 5) It is now possible to give aliases to a medium name. 6) A manual for these is ready: indexing.pdf
    7) Two new media are added (some wood and steel) being use by the Tibet experiment.

  • Epics9.163 (May. 21, 2014)

    Epics9.163.tar.gz (55730891 B)
    This is an update for better performance for the Intel compiler by using -O3 option (Don't use -O3 option for the older versions-- it will make the speed 10 times slower).
    Now all component list will be printed in defalut when the program reads config file. This version must be used with Cosmos7.645 (though 7.644 may be still usable). This version can run on JAXA super computer environment (use site.configJaxaflat or site.configJaxaVISIMPACT).

  • Epics9.161 (Dec. 03, 2013)

    Epics9.161.tar.gz (55728175 B)
    This version must be used with Cosmos v7.641 or higher. Although very rare, in earlier versions, the first interaction point informtion might be wrong (<< 1/1000 events; so we cannot see the difference in the first interaction point distributions. simulation itself was OK). This was fixed.

  • Epics9.160> (Nov. 19, 2013)

    Epics9.160.tar.gz (55707891 B)
    This version must be used with Cosmos v7.641 or higher.

    QGSJET-II-04 and EPOS-lhc-v3700 are now usable in EPICS, too. However, Sibyll2.2 cannot be used since it is almost dedecated to Air target (so for Air it can be used).

    Quenching treatment was changed. It must be managed in epGUI( in epUI.f) of each UserHook.

    UserHook/Geometry/ was updated to print r.l in addition. Geometry program got neurotic in some case when incident position is just on the boundary of two or more components. This was fixed by updating prog/KKlib/kxplhorse.f Also some workaround was prepared for such case.

    When some components (B's) are not fully contained by anothr component (A), B's must be contained by still another component (X). If X is the world, the user may list B's like
    321 box_w sp 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 / list of B's.
    The size of the world could be explicitly given as in earlier versions.

  • Epics9.15 (Apr. 7, 2013)

    Note For v.9.15 before Apr. 7, 2013, and other earlier versions, Intel Fortran compiler v.13 is not usable.

    Epics9.15.tar.gz (46014211 B)
    The maximum heavy ion projectile for dpmjet3 is now Pb if the user uses Data/Media (default). Cosmos version 7.633 should be used, A number of improvment for programs in Util or Util/Gencol, Util/Geomview has been done. Some new matterial files have been added (Au, variant of Al, Steel). For more details, recent new stuff and recent new volume-shapes

  • Epics9.131 (Jul. 10, 2012)

    Epics9.131.tar.gz (16899867 B)
    The usage of PHTIS which is to be used below 2~2.5GeV was improved and low energy neutron treatment became better. Although data (Epics/Data/Media1/BGO.GLB etc) itself is not included in this version, now dpmjet3 can accept projectile heavier than Fe (upto Pb). In such a case, Cosmos7.631 must be used. IncGP to speicfiy the photo-hadron interaction (and also muon N.I) is changed. Now standard value is 3. See UserHook/Template/epicsfile, or Cosmos/Version/Readme. Some related bug was fixed.
  • Polyvinylchloride, CH2CHCl needed in some applications. Exapand it in Epics/Data/Media/. For safety, the file PVC (up to line 19) may also be copied to Epics/Data/BaseM/.
  • Epics9.084 and 9.13 (Jan. 22, 2012)

    Epics9.13.tar.gz (16838856 B)
    Epics9.084.tar.gz (14942069 B)

    For Epics9.13, you may need to issue a command "" in your UserHook/xxx, where xxx is your application forlder other than those contained in the distribution. (If you have already done so, you don't need to do so again--though doing twice is not harmful).

    The new features in 9.084 and 9.13 are mainly about the inelastic cross-sections and some details are here

    The differences between 9.084 and 9.13 are basically the same as those between EPICS9.08x and EPICS9.1x as has been shown below. (The essenatial difference is that 9.08 series cannot use AutoEmin. Epics9.1x series can use it. Probably we don't need to use 9.08x series now.

    AutoEin=0 corresponds to Epics9.08x series (i.e, no automatic Emin is tried)

    AutoEmin=1: fix the Emin by looking at detector shape and media. This choice gives almost the same result as the v9.08x series and also as the case of AutoEmin=0.

    AutoEmin=2: Besides automatic Emin, when tracking a particle, particle death and energy deposit calculation take into account both the distance to the boundary of the crrent component and the range of the particle.

    The difference of AutoEmin is reflected to the lateral distribution of cascade showers. It is very small and if we plot the lateral distribution (rho(r)) of energy depoit, using log scale for the ordinate, we cannot see the difference at all. However, if we look at the ratio of rho(r) as a function of r, AutoEmin=2 case shows some systematic difference from AutoEmin=0 or 1; (At small r, rho2 < rho0 or rho1 while at larger r, rho2> rho0 or rho1 systematicaly, although it is 1 % to 2 % level. The difference seems to become larger at deeper depths). This difference could be exhibited clearly in some kind of data analysis. Currently, we don't know which of the AutoEmin is better. For the time being we take AutoEmin=1 as default .

    The cosmos version7.62 can be used both for Epcis9.084 and 9.13. (If you find something strange in Epics9.084, Cosmos7.583 may be employed for 9.084).

  • Epics9.083 and 9.12are updated version of Epics9.082 and 9.11; they include updates shown below
  • Some bug fixes
  • EPICS9.081 / 082/083 and EPICS9.10 / 11/12
    Release (Sep 12/Oct.2,2011/Dec.2011).
    9.082 and 9.11 are updated versions of 9.081 and 9.10; they can treat a new volume-shape (sqTccl) which converts a circle shape into a square shape).
    There are also some upgrades which are not essential. (say, "fordpmjet" command becomes more versatile. The supports an easy way to place user's application in a directory other than EPICSTOP/UserHook. A short description is here.

    Below, ..Diff.tar.gz files can be used to upgrade exisiting 9.081/9.10 to 9.082/9.11 by unpacking them inside the Epics top directory.
    The one without Diff is a complete set.

    EPICS9.081.tar.gz (17967678 B)
    EPICS9.082Diff.tar.gz (51049 B)
    EPICS9.082.tar.gz (17966920 B)
    EPICS9.083.tar.gz (17849150 B)

    EPICS9.10.tar.gz (19526778 B)
    EPICS9.11Diff.tar.gz (62342 B)
    EPICS9.11.tar.gz (19531091 B)
    EPICS9.12.tar.gz (19395333 B)

    EPICS9.081/9.082/9.083 must use Cosmos7.582
    EPICS9.10/9.11/9.12 must use Cosmos7.61

    There are rather big differences between EPICS9.08x and EPICS9.1x. EPICS9.10 introduced many new features such as automatic Emin, ability to fix some parameters by specifing a paticular detector component for particle tracking. Also it changed the treatment of "pipe_y" type shape specification. Therefore, there might be some unforeseenable defect. In such a case, we must go back to EPICS9.08. However, we need to use new component shapes (honeycomb/octagon) which requires the revised method of treating "pipe_y" type notation. So, that feature only has been implemented in EPICS9.08 and it was renamed to EPICS9.081.
    See a manual
    updated parts of EPICS

    In this connection, the max character length for the volume-shape (box etc) is changed from 8 to 12. (Say, "honeycomb" can be treated without short form such as honeycm). If the user uses the query routine (epqstruc) to get the volume-shape, the character length to receive the shape must be >= 12.
    For details, See a manual: About new treatment of underscore in voluem name (octagon and honeycomb)

    Cosmos7.581 has very small difference form 7.58: the jam code fails to annihilate stopped anti-proton. The conde conversion of eta and lamda0 from QGSJETII is wrong. These were corrected in 7.581.
    Cosmos7.60 can use "sofia" code for photo-hadron production.
    The jam code in these versions are the same as in older versions.
  • Epics9.08.tar.gz(16257506 B)
    Release May. 11 2011.
    FirstKiss example uses FirstM which is not usable for e/g incident. So previous 9.08 (Jan 2011) was replaced without chagining the v.n. Also some messages related to the boundary search problem will not seen. Interaction model 'jam' (2GeV~* TeV) can be used for hadrons. For heavy ion, under investigation. jam seems to be little bit better(?) than dpmjet3. Large memory size problem written for direct pair creation by muon in 9.07 was fixed. Typical interaction model with jam is IntModel='"phits" 2.5 "jam" xxx "dpmjet3"' (xxx may be 5 to 100;). At very high energies, dpmjet3 would not be very good.
  • Epics9.07.tar.gz(7618560 B)
    Release Jan. 21 2011.
    The version is corrupted: Not usable Some garbage was remvoed. Diret e+/e- creation by muon at lower energies (< 150 GeV) was not accurate so it was improved. (To see muon single peak, it has no effect). At present, it uses large memory size; this will be updated in near future.

  • Epics9.05.tar.gz(15730878 B)
    Release Dec. 28 2010.
    Util/Gencol/Gencol.f has bug for moving target and nucleus projectile. This was corrected.
  • Epics9.04.tar.gz(15729476 B)
    Release Dec. 26 2010.
    prog/Light/epLightCoundDE.f has a bug about mnCounter (by Akaike). This was corrected.
  • Epics9.03.tar.gz(15729255 B)
    Release Nov. 16 2010.
    The x-section calculation for phits was wrong (total xs= inela xs + 2*ela xs was corrected to be total xs = inela xs + ela xs). UserHook/GetXsec is added to get x-section for various interaction models.
  • Epics9.02.tar.gz(15552186 B)
    Release Nov. 13 2010.
    Now phits and Jam are stable. (9.00/9.01 has some problem related to stopping muon treatment).
  • Epics9.00.tar.gz(15553099 B)
    Release Oct. 17 2010.
    Versions before Oct. 17 cannot treat heavy ion by phits.
    Now, low energy hadronic interaction models employed in Cosmos7.53 are availble for use. (i.e, you need Cosmso7.53 or newer). Scintiltion and Cherenkov light generation and propagation can be treated. You nees intel fortran compiler version 11. For Epics, it might be possible to use non-zero optimization, but default is -O0.
  • Epics8.81.tar.gz(10702280 B)
    Release Jan. 30 2010.
    fordpmjet command cannot treat Air*0.564 type notation. This was corrected.
    epicsfile in FirstKiss has wrong values for RecoilKeMin ; 100 should be changed to 100e-6 or 0.
    Related documents

    Figures related to version 8.80 (81) update(~2.4MB)

  • Epics8.80.tar.gz(10465625 B)
    Release Jan. 17 2010.
    dE/dx related stuff has been updated to use most recent data.
  • Epics.uv8.78.tar.gz(15291493 B)
    Release Jun. 11 2009.
    Intel compiler 10.1.021 results in loop So don't use it. Versions 10.1.012/10.1.022 seem to work.
  • Epics.uv8.77.tar.gz(16230166 B)
    Release Nov. 9 2008.
    For compound material and hadron projectile, cross-section treatment is made to be more accurate. For this version of Epics, you better to use Cosmos version7.38 or later for stable execution (for media containing H; when pi- and lambda bar collide with H, infinite loop may happen in the older versions).
  • Epics.uv8.76.tar.gz(15493615 B)
    Release Jul. 09 2008.
    Stability increase in accordance wiht Cosmos.uv7.36. fordpmjet works for complex config, too.

  • Epics.uv8.74.tar.gz(15493185 B)
    Release Feb. 20 2008.
    Userdefined parameters are now definable only in sepicsfile.

  • Epics.uv8.73.tar.gz(15489078 B)
    Release Jan 26 2008.
    Sorry, previous 8.73's was wrong. This version should work. In uv8.72, one include file was updated but not included. This was corrected.

  • Epics.uv8.72.tar.gz(12560315 B)
    Release Nov 24 2007.
    IncGP=t is not effective for photo-hadron production during some recent versions. This was corrected. Characeristic X-ray emisson at photoelectric effect is now considered. If you have a valid uv8.71, the difference fileEpics.uv8.72Diff.tar.gz (50496 B) may be used. (expande it inside 8.71)

  • Epics.uv8.71.tar.gz(12561603 B)
    Release Jun. 25 2007.
    In version 8.68, LPMeffect was introduced to control the LPM effect; but due to a mistake, it was not effective (LPMeffect=f dose not work); this was corrected.

  • Epics.uv8.70.tar.gz(12606904 B)
    Release Jun. 04 2007.
    (May version was not updated fully. The same version number but more complete). Incident particle specification method is described more clearly in FirstKiss/sepicsfile. Some confusing specifications such as InputP='gsph', 'sph' are now removed. UserHook/Test-sepicsfile/ contains some document and explanations. It is the same one as linked at the last part of this page.

  • Epics.uv8.69.tar.gz(11766602 B)
    Release Apr. 6 2007.
    If you have a valid uv8.68, the difference fileEpics.uv8.69Diff.tar.gz(23582 B) may be used.
    A bug fix; component selection by specifing media at config display became impossible in 8.67 and 8.68. This was corrected. Default max number of components is now larger than previous ones.
  • Epics.uv8.68.tar.gz(11766006 B)
    Release Mar.21.2007.
    If you have a valid uv8.67, the difference fileEpics.uv8.68Diff.tar.gz(39887 B) may be used.
    New epicsfile parameters(Excom1, Excom2 and LPMeffect) can now be used in epicsfile. For these, see epicsfile in FirstKiss. Now the parameters in sepicsfile and epicsfile may appear in any order or may not appear. This version can be compiled on Mac OS X with Intel Fortran.

  • Epics.uv8.67.tar.gz(11763879 B)
    Release Mar.17.2007.
    If you display only a subdetector by 'drawconfig', the media of each component is shown wrongly. This was corrected.
    Subdetector name can be as long as 16 characters now.

  • Epics.uv8.66.tar.gz(11751317 B)
    Release Jul.31.2006.
    The xcom data is used for Xray region (>1keV) treatment. Coherent and incoherent scattering and photo-electric effect become more accurate. This verson needs Cosmos.uv7.23 or later.

  • Epics.uv8.65.tar.gz(10857835 B)
    Release Jun.03,2006.
    Util/Gencol is enhanced so that it can generaate collisions which may change the conditions event-by-event. e+ anihilation cross-section was wrong; this was corrected. (Essentially no effect is seen). site.config for 64 bitInterl Fortran is ready.

  • Epics.uv8.64.tar.gz(9997936 B)
    If you have a valid 8.63, Epics.uv8.64Diff.tar.gz(16331 B) may be expanded inside 8.63.
    Bug fix for treatment of the elliptic cylinder. +filnename type primary file specification permits now preceeding folder name(s) ( say, somefoler/another/+primary).
  • Epics.uv8.63.tar.gz(9998230 B)
    If you have a valid 8.62, Epics.uv8.63Diff.tar.gz(22378 B) may be expanded inside 8.62.
    Bug fix for how to treat time information when an anti particle ( typically anti-proton) stops and anihilates. The older versions added a big time for a stopping ptcl; this would result in a strange time info. for descendents. Now, we don't add any time when anihilation takes place.
  • Epics.uv8.62.tar.gz(9997977 B)
    In some case when a component is rotated by 180 deg., tracking becomes wrong. This is corrected. When two cylinders are contact and an incident particle is exactly on the surface of both cylinders, the tracking might be fail depending on the particle direction. This was corrected. A small bug for e+ anihilation angle is corrected.
  • Epics.uv8.60.tar.gz(9998706 B)
    If you have a valid uv8.55, Epics.uv8.60Diff.tar.gz(246491 B) may be expanded inside uv8.55.
    Magnetic field treatment is corrected. Media Marble ( CaCo3) is added.
  • Epics.uv8.55.tar.gz(9777776 B)
    A routine, epretTrack, is added to make it easier to handle multi-particle incident case.
  • Epics.uv8.54.tar.gz( 9777536 B)
    This version supports explicit event genertor by various interacion models (Util/Gencol). and multi-partilce incident particles in a file created by, say, Gencol. Gencol can use QGSJET1 and Sibyll if you have corresponding codes.
  • Epics.uv8.53.tar.gz( 9771930 B)
    This version supports QGSJet-II. You need Cosmos.uv7.01 or later. Version 8.50 to 8.52 have wrong treatment of xsection of Pb target for QGSJet-II.
  • Epics.uv8.14.tar.gz( 9766414 B)
    Source code files organizaton changed so that unresolved ref. may not appear when drawconfig, testCnf1, usenewvol etc are used. A new volume shape, ciecone (cut inclided eliptic cone), is now public. This can be used to make pants.
  • Epics.uv8.13.tar.gz( 9667111 B)
    Bug for +primary specification (with subKEdir) and uniform spherical input particle postion was corrected. (8.11 & 8.12 had some tribial mistakes and deleted )
  • Epics.uv8.10.tar.gz( 9699879 B)
    Util/Anime is added to make a movie which shows time development of cascade showers. In the angle sampling, 'cos 1' specification was wrong. It was equivalent to 'cos -1'. This is corrected.

    If you have version 8.06, you may get
  • Epics.uv8.10iff.tar.gz( 395451 B)
  • Epics.uv8.06.tar.gz( 9358889 B)
    Escaping method from the Synchroton infinte loop was improved.

    If you have version 8.05, you may get
  • Epics.uv8.06Diff.tar.gz( 235936 B)
  • Epics.uv8.05.tar.gz( 9211542 B)
    Loop due to the problem at bounary has been removed.

    If you have Epics.uv8.04, the following diff file may be expanded in the Epics directory.
  • Epics.uv8.05Diff.tar.gz( 25386 B)
  • Epics.uv8.04.tar.gz(9211478B)
    Some error stop related to the boundary serach is now safely recovered.

    If you have Epics.uv8.03, the following diff file may be expanded in the Epics directory.
  • Epics.uv8.04Diff.tar.gz(25304B)

  • Epics.uv8.03.tar.gz(9210667B)

  • Epics.uv8.00.tar.gz(9161933B)
    The current version has larger sampling tables. If you made tables yourself for some media, please remake them. The most big changes in this version from the older ones are: pair creation formula by Nelson is now standard. The absolute value of muon sinlge peak is corrected by about 5% (increased). Various checks have been done for the current version and the results will be presented soon.
  • Epics.uv7.24.tar.gz
    In 2002 summer, due to collapse of 4 different disks in a day (three of them were raid 5 systems), almost all Epics stuff was lost. Version uv7.24 was the first recovery version.

    Manuals for newly supported multiple Coulomb scattering treatment (from v9.21).:
    Mulitple Coulomb scattering treatment
    Usage of El_hin multiple Coulomn scattering method

    Description for the update in Epics9.20: Epics9.20.pdf. This version also includes updated use of the "FreeC" parameter (V1ry.pdf), which can be used to constrain the first interaction point.

    Manual for how to make index table to get the component number of target components is(Jun. 26,2014) here

    . Manual for the recent update (for V9.10)
    and a related stuff for configuration (underscore treatment update)
    Short description of how to place a user's application in an arbitrary directory
    Figures related to version 8.80 (81) update(~2.4MB)

    Explanation of how to give incident particles
    General manual(pdf; rather ugly)

    Manual for various volume-shapes usable in Epcis Manual for Geomview display

    WarningIntel fortran (ifort), with -g option, may lead to any strange resutls. So -g option should not be used. (experience at ifort v10.1). The default treatment in site.config is no -g option. In recent ifort versions, the bug seems absent.